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With our knowledge of business

4 locations in
the Netherlands

HMS provides the most pleasant and effective customer experience.

We support you in building a strong relationship with your customers, with an emphasis on the quality of customer contact. We maintain contact with customers for you via e-mail, phone, live chat or social media. That means your organisation can always be reached, and we can give you specific recommendations about any changes to your services.

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  • Business to business customer contact demands quality. Understanding your market and communicating in the tone and style of your organisation: that’s what it all boils down to for HMS. Everything is perfected down to the details to achieve success.

  • Knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment are essential for a strong relationship with the consumer. Our employees use our state-of-the-art Interactive Intelligence automation system to translate the needs of your customer into actual practice.

  • Outsourcing your customer contact has one big advantage: your organisation is easier to reach for your customers. Moreover, our employees understand your customers, and use state-of-the-art software so that you always have insight into customer satisfaction.

  • Your customers want to be heard through various channels, so HMS is investing in multi-channel communication options and the skills involved. It means that the customer is always in touch with your organisation.

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